Sunday, June 8

Baby Blanket

Completed !!
Washed and passed over to Sally on Friday late afternoon. Due to family commitment, I will not be able to make it for the meet up & seaming party on 14/6. Sorry ladies, trust you ladies will have a wonderful time! The yarns I have were just enough for the 9 squares.
Yarns used: Baby Soft Double Knitting
8 balls blue and 2 balls white


Judy said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a nice gift! I see that you are still cranking out the projects!

bluey said...

It is so lovely.

The flowers add an extra touch to the blanket.

JL said...

did u do all these ? oh my, lovely !!

mona said...

Aiyo - you put my own. blankie to shame lah. maybe we should raffle this instead.