Sunday, June 8

Lace Cardigan

Remember my "oversized top"?
It was left in a corner of my cupboard for about 2 months and finally
I decided to do some adjustment and modification and it fits me very well now!
Information of this pattern: combination of The Lace Cardigan from Drop Design and Juliet.


Judy said...

I have this pattern, too! I really like how you lengthened it. I might do the same! I'm putting the finishing touches on an old project, myself: the green crocheted motif bolero. Almost done!

Michelle said...

wow. very nice!!! you are so good at combining patterns!! i like juliet and love the way you lengthen it!!

bluey said...

Very stylish.. Love the way you lengthen it and how you combine the two patterns.

Great work!

JL said...

Love the big buttons, nice colour too, can wear it as a coat !!

Lily said...

Looks nice and fits you perfectly now