Friday, April 23

Felted Buttonhole Bag

Pattern: Felted Buttonhole Bag
Yarn used: Wendy Allegra + KP Wool of the Andes Bulky
Needle: 8mm
Size: 18" x 7"
Colour: Pink!!

Inside: Lining with a zipped compartment and few other compartments for hand phone, keys, cosmetics and etc.

Thursday, April 22

Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl

Pattern: Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl by Jennifer Hansen,
Yarn used: Online Sandy, Blue.
Needle used: 3.5mm

This is a very comfortable and flexible cardi which you can wear in many ways.
I've tried mine in a few common ways which I preferred.
As a normal cardi/jacket...
When I need to keep my neck warm...
As cropped cardi..
without the shawl pin..
Turn it around and wear as a shrug..
Another way to wear as a shrug..
Here will show you many other ways of wearing this "Endless Knitted Cardi/Shawl". Click on "You Tube" to see the Demonstration!!

Thursday, April 8

Long Night by Tanya Alpert

Wonderful knitting book with beautiful Japanese designs, most of the patterns are using Habu Textiles yarn. This is one of my Christmas gifts from a dear friend. Love it so much! Thank you, thank you dear buddy for being so thoughtful! hehe i think you knew I have lots of Habu yarns!
When received this book, the first pattern attracted me was the pattern on the cover, but because I do not have the suitable yarn for that pattern, I have to go for this one.....
Pattern: Long Night
Yarn used: Habu Tsumugi Silk + Habu Linen Paper
Knitting Needle: 5.0mm
The FO is so so light and comfortable!! But I still have not found a suitable button!!
Thus, for time being, I'm using a shawl pin...
This is the back.
The construction of the pattern is just amazing!!
Stitches used are garter stitch, stockinette stitch, 1x1 rib stitch, increase & decrease. Charts of different sizes are also provided besides the written instructions.
It's knitted in 3 separated pieces then seam together and you get this FO!!

Tuesday, March 30

Scroll Lace Scarf

Another beautiful pattern from Ysolda Teague, The Scroll Lace Scarf!! Enjoy knitting this scarf withRowan Tapestry. Love to see the changing in colors which kept me knitting.

Soft but warm when put on the neck.

Thursday, March 25

I'm back!!

Now as I look out from the window of my office i see this ... Previously we had a small pergola for all my orchids collection at this side of our house. But it had turn into a terrible pathetic scene due to lack of time taking care of the plants.

I've been procrastinating to re-do the landscaping, giving myself lots and lots of excuses.... but finally have no choice when the pergola almost collapse after heavy rain two weeks ago.

Thus, decided to plant something easy to maintain and targeted to get it done before hubby return from his business trip to-night!! Finally got it done yesterday and it's still not perfect now, as I'm still looking for some flowers to add into the green. The only flower can survive with this terrible hot weather here is the beautiful Spider Lily which is my favorite.
On the other hand, guess what is this?
It's High Line Shawl !! Knitted with the beautiful Malabrigo Chunky yarn! Used up 4 skeins of Tuareg with 9mm needle. The yarn is very soft and nice to knit with.

I knitted 5 repeats instead of 4 according to the instruction.
Wear it as stole/wrap

as a scarf.
Will come back with more update on other completed FOs soon!!

Friday, January 1

Blessed New Year 2010!!

Wishing all of you & your family
A very Prosperous &


Monday, November 16

Damson Shawl

Eliana and Marico have finished at the same time!! After seeing their gorgeous Damson Shawl, I decided to re-block mine. This is the new look of my Damson Shawl!