Thursday, April 22

Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl

Pattern: Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl by Jennifer Hansen,
Yarn used: Online Sandy, Blue.
Needle used: 3.5mm

This is a very comfortable and flexible cardi which you can wear in many ways.
I've tried mine in a few common ways which I preferred.
As a normal cardi/jacket...
When I need to keep my neck warm...
As cropped cardi..
without the shawl pin..
Turn it around and wear as a shrug..
Another way to wear as a shrug..
Here will show you many other ways of wearing this "Endless Knitted Cardi/Shawl". Click on "You Tube" to see the Demonstration!!


Daiane Daniela said...

Linda peça! Muito bem tricotada e muito versátil. Adorei! Parabéns!!!


Mas que peça mais versátil!! adorei as maneiras de usá-la! Super legal:))
Gostei muito da cor dele,combina com tudo. Adorei:)

Eliana said...

Aws, it's so "lindo" too, Annie!!!
Love that of all the combinations and versatile of this piece! It's very flattering on you!
As always, you have great sense of style and constantly, you coming with new ideas and inspirations!

I can't wait to see your next project. So pleeeease, don't give up!

Same day post? def, we have a great connection... lol

Annie said...

Daiane & Ka, Obrigado! Sim, é muito versátil. Mas era muito chato quando tricô com tantos pontos na agulha! Globalmente, é digno! Obrigado novamente! :)

Eliana, you ladies are great teachers... hehe I've to learn your language besides learning knitting!!

Yes, yes, it's real versatile! But it took me ages to complete. As it was very boring when knitting with so many stitches on the needle!! Nevertheless, after seeing the end result, it's worthy!! Thank you for inspiration!!

Eliana said...

Oh!!! How is possible? Instantly expert of our language and without an accent!?!?! Great work!
You're really amazing! So, go-ahead to Chinese language, my friend!!! (Hummm... I think you already know - lol)

Marico said...

This cardi is beautiful and the color is great. Congratulations

opportunityknits said...

It's so versatile! Looks really good on you!

Annie said...

Eliana, hahaha Eu não sou expert ainda. Eu estou usando o tradutor do Google, você me ensinou mais cedo! :) Mas com isso, eu consegui aprender algumas palavras, mas não sentenças ainda!

Marico & Opportunityknits, tks! :)


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His praises increased my motivation to knit.
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