Friday, June 19

Phiaro Scarf

Yarn used: 2 skeins Bonnie's Bamboo
Needle: 4mm
Pattern: Phiaro Scarf
I did kbl 6 sts and purl the 4 sts which to be unravelled and purl 30 sts for the braid fringe.
unravelling the purl stitches....

After washed and blocked...

Monday, June 15

Phildar Kimono Sweater

This pattern is well written in a chart with various sizes. I follow the increase as Eliana. Eliana has been great help to give some advice. Thanks Eliana!!
This sweater was completed about a week ago and it took me a while hunting for the buttons. Finally I managed to get the buttons from May Craft, Subang Jaya.

Pattern: from Phildar Spring/Summer 09 magazine

Blocking.... yarn: Online, Sandy 100% cotton.

needles used: 3.0mm and 3.5 mm

Saturday, June 6

Montego Bay Scarf

The Kimono Sweater is done but I am still looking for suitable buttons. To get the right colour buttons to match with this sweater is really not easy!! While waiting for the buttons, I have just completed this scarf which I wanted to knit long ago... finally managed to get the right yarn for this project!
Pattern: Mentego Bay Scarf
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk
Needle used: 5.5mm
Lovely yarn!! soft and nice to knit with. Since it comes in 600m/150g/skein, I double the CO sts and make the size of a stole. The end product is just lovely and I can used it in many ways.