Friday, December 28

Kiri Shawl

I starated to CO the black Kiri shawl on our way on board to Seoul and completed when returning. This is the most easy knit shawl and the lace pattern is very easy to remember. Enjoy so much that I knitted another white one, both were given away as Christmas gifts.

Yarn used: 4balls each shawl Adriafil Classic

Friday, December 14

Cable Grande Pullover

Had a wonderful long break, I am back now!

This is what i had knitted to bring along with me to the other side of the world. The Cable Grande Pullover from Knit n Style, Feb 07 issue 147.

Yarn: 10 balls 87m/50g Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran
Colour: Peacock
Needle used: Addi turbo circular knitting needle sizes: 4mm & 5mm.

Monday, October 22

Herringbone Jumper

Yarn: 5balls navy blue Japanese merino wool
and 1 hank KP bare merino wool DK
Needle: Addi 3.5mm and 3mm

These lovely Japanese merino wool were purchased by DH last year when he was in Japan. They are very soft and nice! I enjoyed knitting the herringbone slip very much! I managed to complete the front and back in 1 week but took me 2 weeks to complete the sleeves! This is my 1st time knitting a raglan jumper without pattern or instructions, not bad ya ;-)

Wednesday, September 26

Cropped Cardigan

This cropped cardigan was knitted sometime ago and I like it very much and used it very frequently. Inspired by Lion Brand, Cropped Raglan Sweater, and I modified the pattern according to how I want my cropped cardigan to be. Thus, the following changes were made:

1. Double ribbing at the neckline, I knitted 1" instead of 2.5".
2. Front bands: I knitted 1" single ribbing vertically at each end and knitted together with the body.
3. Sleeves bands: I changed to single ribbing of 2.5".
4. Lower body was ended with 5" single ribbing.

Yarns used: Rowan all seasons cotton. 4.5 balls x 90m/50g
Colour: Surf 162
Gauge:18sts x 25rows = 4ins
Needle: Addi 3.5mm & 4mm addi circular needle

Monday, September 24

Moss Lacy Wrap

Moss Lacy Wrap completed last week. As you can see from the pictures, I didnt knit the end ruffle for both ends. Reason being; running out of yarns!!

Initially I planned to use these yarns to knit a cropped cardigan but changed my mind immediately when i saw this Lacy wrap pattern in IK Falls 2007. It was the end ruffle attracted me most when i saw the pattern. And now I knitted it without the end ruffle! Anyway, can always knit another one when i have the time ya.

Blocking Moss Lacy Wrap.
After blocking
Modelling it!
Pattern: Moss Lacy Wrap Designed by:Teva Durham
Yarn used: Debbie Bliss, Cotton Angora. 80% cotton and 20% Angora; 6 1/2balls x 78m/50g
Colour: Pink Dyelot: 15510
Needle: 4.5mm addi circular needle
Gauge: 18sts x 24rows
FO meausurement: 60" x 20" (without end ruffle)

Friday, September 14

What's next?

This is the next project I am going to knit!
Designed by Teva Durham

I saw this pattern in IK fall 2007 and like this lacy wrap very much, immediatedly went online and placed order for this pattern! Found this yarns from my stash. Yes, this is going to be my first pink project!

Tuesday, September 4

Tilted Duster Jacket

Pattern: Tilted Duster Jacket, by Norah Gaughan, IK Fall 2007
Yarn used: Sirdar Country Style DK 3 1/4 balls of 318m/100g

Saturday, September 1

Smocking Dresses

While i was trying to re-arrange some space in the cupboard for my knitting stuff, i found some of these treasures.....


These smocking dresses were made for my dd when she was abt 4 -6 yrs old then and now she is already in her teen! I remembered i have made abt 20 + pieces for her and most of them were given away when she was abt 8 - 9 yrs old and felt smocking dresses are only for smaller girls! These 3 pieces were the 1st batch which i did for her and DD told me that she will keep these for her dd next time! lol.. I learn smocking from some magazines and still keeping these magazines in very good order.

Sunday, August 26

Hanami Stole is completed!

Hanami Stole - in the garden!

Hanami Stole - indoor
Pattern : Hanami Stole by Melanie Gibbons, Pink Lemon Twist.
Yarn used: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk Yarn in 2/18 Lace Weight from Sarah's Yarns
Needle use: Addi lace circular needle 3.5mm
Finished size: 18" x 96" after blocking.

Modification: I prefer a longer stole, so i did an additional repeat of 32 rows of the basket weave and another additional repeat of 32 rows on the blossom section. It came out perfectly as the length i wish!

Monday, August 20

DROPS shrug knitted in bobble and lace pattern

Pattern: Garnstudio
Yarn Used: 5 balls Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere

Ribbed Lace Bolero

This ribbed lace bolero pattern is written by this lovely young lady Kelly , who has lots of beautiful and nice FOs. Check out more in her blog, she has generously written very clear instructions and diagram to share with everybody!
Yarn used: 3 balls Miami four seasons

Friday, August 17

Special Delivery!

This box was specially hand delivered by R&DH from Singapore to KL!
Thank you, gentlemen for making your respective spouses so happy!

It was packed so nicely and neatly by my dear god-sister and taking into consideration that it has to be easy for our men to carry.

A special sticker is pasted on!
Yes, It's Fragile!

Anxiously opening up the box.....
Wow! yarns, yes lovely yarns from KP! Sad news is, not all are mine!

The happy news is, these are some of the special gifts from my god-sister. big "hug" I have only this for myself from KP for this round. Yes, will get more the next time. The cartoons tapes are presents for my girls. They are so beautiful and cute, I like them too!

I am tagged! I am tagged!
I am new in the blog, but now SHE made me a Rockin Girl in the blog! !

I am nominated and tagged by Regg as Rockin' Girl Blogger! What an honour! So this is the surprise you told me this morning ya? Anyway thanks Regg, you are wonderful, generous, unselfish and helpful in many ways to me! Always ready to help, Big "hug".
Here are five of my nominated bloggers:

Rockin girls! Keep blogging!

Hanami shawl is comming up slowly

Yarn used:
Zephyr wool-silk yarn

Monday, August 13

Old FOs

While browsing thru my old albums, found some pictures of my old FOs:

Circular Shrug
Simple White Shrug
Another White Shrug


Feather and Fan Lace scarves - knit in different yarns

Simple Scarves