Monday, September 24

Moss Lacy Wrap

Moss Lacy Wrap completed last week. As you can see from the pictures, I didnt knit the end ruffle for both ends. Reason being; running out of yarns!!

Initially I planned to use these yarns to knit a cropped cardigan but changed my mind immediately when i saw this Lacy wrap pattern in IK Falls 2007. It was the end ruffle attracted me most when i saw the pattern. And now I knitted it without the end ruffle! Anyway, can always knit another one when i have the time ya.

Blocking Moss Lacy Wrap.
After blocking
Modelling it!
Pattern: Moss Lacy Wrap Designed by:Teva Durham
Yarn used: Debbie Bliss, Cotton Angora. 80% cotton and 20% Angora; 6 1/2balls x 78m/50g
Colour: Pink Dyelot: 15510
Needle: 4.5mm addi circular needle
Gauge: 18sts x 24rows
FO meausurement: 60" x 20" (without end ruffle)


Knitty-Bitty said...

wow!! your wrap is very very gorgeous!!!


R a i n said...

OH beaten another record: finished SO FAST! It's so pretty!

Regg said...

I just cannot believe it!How can u knit so fast EVERYTIME???
U really MY IDOL!!! SUPERB!
The pink stole really turn up nice on u! trust me!
GO GO my Idol!

Sally said...

Very nice, infact more than nice!!! it's lovely especially in that shade of pink.

Lily said...

OK, I have to ask you. What is the secret? How to knit that fast?

Lily said...

Oh and the wrap is gorgeous. Love it!

Annie said...

Hi ladies, thanks for your compliments! Surprisingly, pink on me not bad ya? hahaha i've another 2 skeins of merino pink given as b/d gift by someone you know who you are ya!

SummerCraftz said...

this is so pretty!~

bluey said...

this wrap is lovely even without the ruffles. :)

U really knit at an amazing rate.

Anonymous said...
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