Friday, September 14

What's next?

This is the next project I am going to knit!
Designed by Teva Durham

I saw this pattern in IK fall 2007 and like this lacy wrap very much, immediatedly went online and placed order for this pattern! Found this yarns from my stash. Yes, this is going to be my first pink project!


R a i n said...

Baby pink...will be cute =)

I'm sure it'll be done very very soon ;o)

DNG said...

Just came back from Singapore, whilst down loading my email Sonia told me Ann has a blog. My younger son walk closed to me while browsing and he keep on saying "hean mei" Keep up the good work, cheers.

Regg said...

I always u will look good in Pink!
I am serious!
Nice colour of yarns I am very looking forward to see it :D jia yu jia yu Dear.

Annie said...

rain: hehe will show you once done ya!

Dng: Hey Dan, didnt know you went to SG office! hahaha i am trying to get Sonia to pick up this hobby as Rose is now so much into it! Hopefully Mike will not came after me.

Regg: I am now on 30th rows... hehe u're right, i try putting on me and it's not bad!