Monday, November 16

Damson Shawl

Eliana and Marico have finished at the same time!! After seeing their gorgeous Damson Shawl, I decided to re-block mine. This is the new look of my Damson Shawl!

Saturday, November 14

Damson Shawl Day - 7

This is the 1st time I managed to knit a shawl within 1 week!! It's not that I can knit fast, it's because of the inspiration from Eliana, Marico and Olivia, the lovely pattern by Ysolda and the beautiful Noro yarn!
Total yarn used: 3 1/2 balls with lots of green and red taken out. otherwise, i think 2 1/2 balls should be enough. I used 4mm circular needle for this shawl.

This picture shows the actual colour of Shawl.The total weight is 108gm...
Noro Silk Garden Fine is 40gm/144m/ball.

Wednesday, November 11

Damson Shawl - Day 6

Hi Eliana, Marico & Olivia, I've completed!!
Just washed!
This afternoon: Off from the needle
Day 5 - working on the scallop lace pattern
As you can see, the original yarn has many more colours!!
I took away green and red as I didnt want to have too many colours for this shawl.

Damson Shawl - Day 4

The Damson Shawl is coming up fine, but no picture to show as hubby has taken the camera with him. Anyway I have this little hedgehogs to show you!!
I used 4mm needle for the big hedgehog and 3mm needle for the small one. Yarn used: Japanese cotton for the face and Rowanspun for the body.

Monday, November 9

Damson Shawl - Day 3

I'm at Row 56 with 229 sts on the needle!
Another 18 rows to scallop lace pattern.

Closer view....

Sunday, November 8

Cosmetic Bag

Just a quick update - a cosmetic bag I crocheted for my girl.
This is the first version, I crocheted flowers which she dislike! :(
She prefers bunny!!

Inside: lining with small compartments.

Saturday, November 7

WIP - Damson Shawl Day 1

KAL project - Damson Shawl.
Members: Eliana, Olivia, Marico, & I.
It's going to be challenging for me to update daily, anyway ladies, I will try my best!!

The yarn I used: Noro Silk Garden Fine.
with Circular needle: 4mm
This is how much I have done for today!