Wednesday, April 30

Bolero Color Crude

I would like to thank Judy, who graciously translated the instructions from Spanish to English for me and given me some very helpful tips as we CAL this bolero. Once again, thanks, Judy appreciate it very much and I truly enjoyed CAL with you!!

By the way , this is my student, Eivian Huan, who came for her 1st knitting lesson this morning and I made her the model for this bolero!! She is a fashion design student and has lots of potential and A quick learner too!
Closer view of the bolero.
I've added few rows on pattern "#2" to make it a longer bolero and made it long sleeves instead of 3/4 lenght.

I have to model this because I was too rush and forgotten to take picture on the back of the bolero earlier when Eivian was modeling it!!

A crochetted flower is used as button for the bolero. I used a pearl button to stitched at the centre of the flower. As advised by Judy, I did not crochet the 5cm loop, instead use one of the space formed by the pattern as a loop.
Pattern: Bolero Color Crude (courtesy of Judy)
Yarn used: 4 balls Helena 100% cotton.
Colour: white

Saturday, April 26

Simple Lacy Shrug

This simple lacy shrug is knitted using the lace pattern from Moss Lacy Wrap, Designed by Teva Durham. I really love this lace pattern and decided to knit a shrug instead of another wrap.

Yarn used: 4 balls Online Goby

Tuesday, April 22

Cecilia Chemise completed

Finally completed!!
Yarns used: Helena 100% cotton, 3 x 175m/ball

Monday, April 14

Clementine Shawlette

I started knitting this project concurrently with the Cecilia Chemise. I cant put my crochet needle off my hands until i found problem with the sleeve straps of the chemise. While waiting for help to continue the sleeve straps for Cecilia Chemise, I continue with this project:

Pattern: Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring 2007,
designed by Michelle Rose Orne.

Yarns used: 5balls Debbie Bliss, Alpaca Silk
Colour: Purple

This is an easy and quick project.
Oops, just notice that, this is another purple FO!!
Close view of the laceBeside wearing it the usual way, I was trying wearing it with a shawl pin.

Friday, April 11

Cecilia Chemise in progress

Suddenly I am so in love with crochet! It's fast and real fast compare to knitting. Here is the progress of my Cecilia Chemise, designed by Jennifer Hansen. I am doing the cropped version.

The yarns: Helena 100% cotton and the colour is in dark purple. Used 2 balls and now am using the 3rd ball.

Crochetting the body part was quite boring...

The bottom Floral Edging is interesting.

I am now at the Flora Edging part and have another two more repeat to complete!!

Will wash and block this piece and start the sleeve straps soon!!

Friday, April 4

Hourglass Jacket

Normally when i read crochet pattern instructions, I'll be blur and confused. But when i read this pattern instructions and surprisingly found it very easy to understand and follow! I like the broomstick lace pattern, I like the short rows at the sleeve and above all I like it because there is no seaming required!
I was very keen to start this project immediately because it also requires a pair of 15mm knitting needle!!

Oh ya, talking about this 15mm needle which I bought years ago when DH and I were in Estonia with another couple. We were in a LYS and our friend's wife almost wanted to buy a shawl (drop stitch triangle shawl) which they displayed in the shop which cost 3x the price of the yarn! I discouraged her to buy, instead i bought the yarns and the 15mm needle and knitted the same shawl and presented it to her in 2 days later. She was amazed and was very happy to own that shawl!

Thus this pair of needle were not been used since then! When I saw the broomstick pattern which requires 15mm needle, I quickly went to look at my needles' bag to check if the needles were still there! Yes, still intact!
Here it is, it's completed! It took me about a week! love it.
Pattern: Hourglass Jacket
Yarn used: 7 balls 125m/50g Catania 100% cotton
It's a bit loose, but very comfortable.

The sleeve part: I like how the short rows worked. It's very neat!

This is the contrast waistband, crochet ribbing;

This is to show you the decrease stitches below the armhole.

Tuesday, April 1

Shawl again!

I have knitted many shawls, but all were given away! For this piece, I promissed myself that I must keep it for my own use!!!
Yarn used: Zephyr, colour: Indigo

I was just trying out how I can make good use of this shaw....

Any other suggestion?