Tuesday, April 1

Shawl again!

I have knitted many shawls, but all were given away! For this piece, I promissed myself that I must keep it for my own use!!!
Yarn used: Zephyr, colour: Indigo

I was just trying out how I can make good use of this shaw....

Any other suggestion?


Regg said...

NICE and this is really a big shawl!
I am totally speechless!!! how can u knit so fast???
what patt is this shawl?
hm..how abt use for church?

Lily said...

I am also speechless. It's awesome!! I love it. I want to make the same size as yours one day. Because I thought that size is a perfect size for a shawl. And the color is very nice.

JL said...

This is a very beautiful piece of work, love the ways you wear it.