Friday, April 4

Hourglass Jacket

Normally when i read crochet pattern instructions, I'll be blur and confused. But when i read this pattern instructions and surprisingly found it very easy to understand and follow! I like the broomstick lace pattern, I like the short rows at the sleeve and above all I like it because there is no seaming required!
I was very keen to start this project immediately because it also requires a pair of 15mm knitting needle!!

Oh ya, talking about this 15mm needle which I bought years ago when DH and I were in Estonia with another couple. We were in a LYS and our friend's wife almost wanted to buy a shawl (drop stitch triangle shawl) which they displayed in the shop which cost 3x the price of the yarn! I discouraged her to buy, instead i bought the yarns and the 15mm needle and knitted the same shawl and presented it to her in 2 days later. She was amazed and was very happy to own that shawl!

Thus this pair of needle were not been used since then! When I saw the broomstick pattern which requires 15mm needle, I quickly went to look at my needles' bag to check if the needles were still there! Yes, still intact!
Here it is, it's completed! It took me about a week! love it.
Pattern: Hourglass Jacket
Yarn used: 7 balls 125m/50g Catania 100% cotton
It's a bit loose, but very comfortable.

The sleeve part: I like how the short rows worked. It's very neat!

This is the contrast waistband, crochet ribbing;

This is to show you the decrease stitches below the armhole.


SummerCraftz said...

it's pretty!~

Regg said...

nice!try button up all? think will be better :D

Judy said...

Love it! I just bought the "Cecilia Chemise" pattern from StitchDiva that uses a 19mm needle for the broomstick lace. I ordered the needle, so I can't get started yet. But love your top!

Lily said...

WOW! It's very nice. I should learn to make this one.

JL said...

ooh, so nice.

Gaetane said...

7 months since your post but you don't know unless you ask. I love your jacket and I myself am attempting to make it. I comfess I am a newbee at crochet, especially reading patterns. I was wondering if there was a sight with extra notes on this pattern, or if I could quiz you on the pattern instruction.

I'd love the help.