Monday, April 14

Clementine Shawlette

I started knitting this project concurrently with the Cecilia Chemise. I cant put my crochet needle off my hands until i found problem with the sleeve straps of the chemise. While waiting for help to continue the sleeve straps for Cecilia Chemise, I continue with this project:

Pattern: Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring 2007,
designed by Michelle Rose Orne.

Yarns used: 5balls Debbie Bliss, Alpaca Silk
Colour: Purple

This is an easy and quick project.
Oops, just notice that, this is another purple FO!!
Close view of the laceBeside wearing it the usual way, I was trying wearing it with a shawl pin.


bluey said...

You are really very fast.

This FO is simple and nice!

Oh ya I love purple FO too. ;)

Judy said...

Gosh, you are a knitting and crocheting machine! This is beautiful! Now what problems did you have with the sleeves on the chemise?

Notebooks said...
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JL said...

very beautiful. love it.

Lily said...

Nice color, and I like the way you wear it. I like your pillow cover also. Is it crocheted? or knit?