Monday, November 16

Damson Shawl

Eliana and Marico have finished at the same time!! After seeing their gorgeous Damson Shawl, I decided to re-block mine. This is the new look of my Damson Shawl!

Saturday, November 14

Damson Shawl Day - 7

This is the 1st time I managed to knit a shawl within 1 week!! It's not that I can knit fast, it's because of the inspiration from Eliana, Marico and Olivia, the lovely pattern by Ysolda and the beautiful Noro yarn!
Total yarn used: 3 1/2 balls with lots of green and red taken out. otherwise, i think 2 1/2 balls should be enough. I used 4mm circular needle for this shawl.

This picture shows the actual colour of Shawl.The total weight is 108gm...
Noro Silk Garden Fine is 40gm/144m/ball.

Wednesday, November 11

Damson Shawl - Day 6

Hi Eliana, Marico & Olivia, I've completed!!
Just washed!
This afternoon: Off from the needle
Day 5 - working on the scallop lace pattern
As you can see, the original yarn has many more colours!!
I took away green and red as I didnt want to have too many colours for this shawl.

Damson Shawl - Day 4

The Damson Shawl is coming up fine, but no picture to show as hubby has taken the camera with him. Anyway I have this little hedgehogs to show you!!
I used 4mm needle for the big hedgehog and 3mm needle for the small one. Yarn used: Japanese cotton for the face and Rowanspun for the body.

Monday, November 9

Damson Shawl - Day 3

I'm at Row 56 with 229 sts on the needle!
Another 18 rows to scallop lace pattern.

Closer view....

Sunday, November 8

Cosmetic Bag

Just a quick update - a cosmetic bag I crocheted for my girl.
This is the first version, I crocheted flowers which she dislike! :(
She prefers bunny!!

Inside: lining with small compartments.

Saturday, November 7

WIP - Damson Shawl Day 1

KAL project - Damson Shawl.
Members: Eliana, Olivia, Marico, & I.
It's going to be challenging for me to update daily, anyway ladies, I will try my best!!

The yarn I used: Noro Silk Garden Fine.
with Circular needle: 4mm
This is how much I have done for today!

Saturday, October 3

I've been tagged

Thanks Eliana, you been a great inspiration and wonderful knitting buddy!!

These words are in Portuguese, which mean,
"This Blog Messes with my senses"

The rules are:
1. Show the above tag in your blog.
2. Post these rules.
3. Link back to the blog that tagged you.
4. Make a list of the 5 senses and what each one represents for you. (I have change this and added pictures)
5. Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment.

My 5 senses on a lazy Saturday morning:
1. Sight : Watching this little Shih Tzu named "Teddy", running about in the house. He is real cute and very discipline! See I asked him to sit still so that I can take good picture of him and he obeyed!!

2. Hearing: The flowing water from the water features outside the house.

3. Smell: The fragrance from the beautiful yellow Lily flowers

4 & 5. Taste and Touch : This cup of espresso with a piece of soft pandan chiffon cake which I baked yesterday! Yummy yummy!!

Now I'll tag:

2. Judy
3. Lily
4. Petrina and

Tuesday, September 15

Shopping in Dongdaemum, Korea.

Dongdaemum Shopping Complex , Korea. A "must visit" to all knitters and you can spend full day here just seeing and admiring at yarns!!

The shopping complex is next to exit 8/9 of subway stop at Dongdaemun (not Dongdaemun stadium)
on line 4. When you get out from exit 8, you will see the shopping complex. Walk towards "KEB VIP center" you'll find stairs leading to basement.

The yarn stores are at the basement of this shopping center.
When you reach the basement, you'll see these...

Silbaram at C-563 is the store that I usually visit.....
Here you are, the pretty store owner and her husband was sitting in front of the store. They are both very friendly and will give further discount if you buy more. Some common brands you can find from this store are, Noro, Zaol, Helena etc. They also sell "Addi" circular and bamboo circular needles here and they are very cheap too!! Overall, I had a great time shopping in Dongdaemum!!

Thursday, September 3

Little Lace Vest

Pattern: Little Lace Vest
Yarn Used: 2 skeins Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool Classic
Knitting needle : 4.5mm

The back of the vest.

Simple Bolero

Yarn used: Rowan Cotton Tape
Knitting Needle: 5.5mm
This is a very simple and quick knit bolero.

Saturday, July 11

Nefertiti Wrap

Yarn used: 5 1/2 balls Schachenmayr nomotta Bamboo

Friday, June 19

Phiaro Scarf

Yarn used: 2 skeins Bonnie's Bamboo
Needle: 4mm
Pattern: Phiaro Scarf
I did kbl 6 sts and purl the 4 sts which to be unravelled and purl 30 sts for the braid fringe.
unravelling the purl stitches....

After washed and blocked...

Monday, June 15

Phildar Kimono Sweater

This pattern is well written in a chart with various sizes. I follow the increase as Eliana. Eliana has been great help to give some advice. Thanks Eliana!!
This sweater was completed about a week ago and it took me a while hunting for the buttons. Finally I managed to get the buttons from May Craft, Subang Jaya.

Pattern: from Phildar Spring/Summer 09 magazine

Blocking.... yarn: Online, Sandy 100% cotton.

needles used: 3.0mm and 3.5 mm