Saturday, October 3

I've been tagged

Thanks Eliana, you been a great inspiration and wonderful knitting buddy!!

These words are in Portuguese, which mean,
"This Blog Messes with my senses"

The rules are:
1. Show the above tag in your blog.
2. Post these rules.
3. Link back to the blog that tagged you.
4. Make a list of the 5 senses and what each one represents for you. (I have change this and added pictures)
5. Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment.

My 5 senses on a lazy Saturday morning:
1. Sight : Watching this little Shih Tzu named "Teddy", running about in the house. He is real cute and very discipline! See I asked him to sit still so that I can take good picture of him and he obeyed!!

2. Hearing: The flowing water from the water features outside the house.

3. Smell: The fragrance from the beautiful yellow Lily flowers

4 & 5. Taste and Touch : This cup of espresso with a piece of soft pandan chiffon cake which I baked yesterday! Yummy yummy!!

Now I'll tag:

2. Judy
3. Lily
4. Petrina and


Ms.shopaholic said...


Annie said...

hahaha he is a good model! like the owner!!

Eliana said...

Oh, you take pictures for tag! Such a great idea! Thus, it's so much easier to see them.
OMG! What's this fluffy babe, shaped like a toy?!? So cute, cute!
Megg going to blow a kiss for him ;)

Petrina said...

Thanks for the tag, Annie! ;-)

Teddy is sooooo cute!

Annie said...

Eliana, you're right! he is so fluffy like a toy!! that's why dd name him "teddy"!!
Petrina, welcome. yes, he is vy cute!!

R a i n said...

Oh he's such a cutie!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice photos.

Sonia said...

Annie, Thanks for the tag. Your new toy? Teddy, he is so cute.. how long he has been with your family?

Annie said...

Rain, hehe he is real cute!!

Carolyn, thanks and welcome to my
blog!! you have beautiful FOs!!

Sonia, Teddy is Emily's pet!! Emily bought him about 3 months ago when he was 2 months old. yes, he is cute and well trained!! He does all his business in the toilet!! hehe i'm amazed.