Thursday, March 27

An "oversized" top!

I was supposed to knit a casual top, using Rowan all season cotton. After washing and blocking it ended to be an "oversized" top!

The lace pattern:-

Taking picture of myself with this "oversized" top!

Wednesday, March 19

Upside-down Top

This top is made up of crocheted lace for the body and ribbing at the waist. As according to the pattern, it should be 3/4 sleeves length. But I did it shorter as I feel more comfortable wearing it in shorter sleeves. I used 6 balls of Japanese yarns. These yarns are very fine, they are nice and suitable for crochet. But for the ribbing part, i used double strand.
I like this top because i can wear it the normal way,
where the ribbing is at my waist, like this:
turn it up-side down, like this: Closer view of the pattern

Sunday, March 16

Hi I'm back!

Here I am, to update you with what I have knitted for the last 2 1/2 months! First of all, I have crocheted many of these "Pineapple Rose Scarves" and have given most of them away as gifts. These are the two little ones left with me. Crochet is very much faster compare to knitting, but the thing i dislike in crochet is - my fingers hurt!
Meanwhile, I have knitted these scarves and given away as gifts too. They are:
Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero
yarns used: 3 balls Rowan Tapestry
My so called scarf by Allison Isaacs
Yarns used: 2 balls Patons Symphony
Shifting Sands Scarf by Grumperina
Yarns used: 2 balls Patons Symphony
Finally, knitted something for myself - Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole/scarf,
by Kathleen Power Johnson from Scarf Style
Yarns used: 8x50gm Noro Silk Garden

Closer views of the stole/scarf: