Wednesday, May 21

Phildar Short Cardigan

The charts are given in details, it’s straight forward and easy to follow. I knitted “S” size and follow the charts of the 4th size because of the yarns I used are thiner then the pattern asked for. The lenght of the body and sleeves are adjusted according to my size. Knitting a black project may be very tiring to my eyes!! But I am glad that i finally finished it and most importantly i love it!!

Yarns used: 6.5 balls Four Seasons Gründl Miami
Colour: Black

Wearing it with a pin

Wearing it w/o a pin

Shaped Lace Tee

This Shaped Lace Tee was left aside for almost a month because of short of yarns!! After many attempt and still can’t find the same yarns in our LYS, then I decided to modified it and made it with I-cord straps.

Pattern: Shaped Lace Tee by Joan McGowan-Michael published in Knitting Lingerie Style
Yarns: 4 balls Garnstudio Cotton Viscose
Colour: Black

Close view of the lace.

Thursday, May 15

Blanket Squares

As suggested by Mona, let May craft be Charity Month!! Isnt it meaningful? Yes, indeed it is and tell you something, by participating, I've learn new things!

Just to show you some of the 12" squares I've done!!

The yarns: 100% Acrylic "Bundle of Joy" Baby soft double knitting.
Pattern: Water Lily and Daisy

Pattern: Peach Rose
These are all that I've done so far!! I think i have enough of flowers, will crochet some granny squares to match.