Wednesday, May 21

Phildar Short Cardigan

The charts are given in details, it’s straight forward and easy to follow. I knitted “S” size and follow the charts of the 4th size because of the yarns I used are thiner then the pattern asked for. The lenght of the body and sleeves are adjusted according to my size. Knitting a black project may be very tiring to my eyes!! But I am glad that i finally finished it and most importantly i love it!!

Yarns used: 6.5 balls Four Seasons Gründl Miami
Colour: Black

Wearing it with a pin

Wearing it w/o a pin


bluey said...

This is lovely. Definitely worth the hard work.

JL said...

lovely, it looks very nice. U r talented, with so many beautiful FOs.

Judy said...

Ah yes, I love this! The pattern stitch is lovely and the fit is perfect!

Patrizia said...

Hi Annie!

Yes I think that's an adorable cardigan, you did a lovely job!