Thursday, May 15

Blanket Squares

As suggested by Mona, let May craft be Charity Month!! Isnt it meaningful? Yes, indeed it is and tell you something, by participating, I've learn new things!

Just to show you some of the 12" squares I've done!!

The yarns: 100% Acrylic "Bundle of Joy" Baby soft double knitting.
Pattern: Water Lily and Daisy

Pattern: Peach Rose
These are all that I've done so far!! I think i have enough of flowers, will crochet some granny squares to match.


Sally said...

I want one too!!!! So cute and fresh.

Lily said...

Very nice! I am in the mood to make blanket lately and yours make me drool.

JL said...

very nice colour, would be a beautiful FO.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It would like if you sent me the pattern of Daisy square.
My e-mail: