Wednesday, April 22


Spring Beret

Mystery Beret
Chevron Lace Beret

Thursday, April 16

Shetland Triangle Shawl

Pattern: Shetland Triangle Shawl by Evelyn A.Clark
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk
This shawl pattern was in my "must do" list since last year. I finally pick up the needle and yarns and started this project on April fool day!! Love the silk finishing, it's very soft.

Fountain Pen Shawl

I have a WIP on this pattern in Japanese Silk yarn and it's comming up very slowly because of the fine yarn. Since I needed to knit a quick triangle shawl for someone, I thought I should try this pattern on some Merino Wool. It's so much faster knitting on this yarn and I'm happy with the end result.