Thursday, April 16

Fountain Pen Shawl

I have a WIP on this pattern in Japanese Silk yarn and it's comming up very slowly because of the fine yarn. Since I needed to knit a quick triangle shawl for someone, I thought I should try this pattern on some Merino Wool. It's so much faster knitting on this yarn and I'm happy with the end result.


R a i n said...

It's beautiful!

bluey said...

Lovely! Can't wait for the silk version.

Judy said...

Wow, this is beautiful, Annie! Love the color.

Eliane said...

Where can I find this pattern? Your work is wonderful!
Kisses from Brasil!

Annie said...

Hi Eliane, Thanks for your nice comment. This pattern is from interweave knits Spring 2009, More FOs at Ravelry here,