Saturday, March 21

Entrelac Felted Bag

I am so hooked on felting and trying out another felted bag!! This is my own design as I wanted a good base for the bag so that it can sit on nicely.

Yarns used: Spotlight Basics 8 ply Pure Wool - 3 balls olive green and 7 balls Ivory

I sewed the lining with a few compartments to accommodate the items i have to put in my bag and a zipped compartment to put in my valuable!!


Rain said...

Very cool indeed. I like the numerous compartments inside. Store-bought bags never seem to have enough.

Judy said...

Very nice design on the bag. I love felted bags, and have made many. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

hello ,
I'm from Türkiye,from Ankara
your bag's very beautiful