Monday, March 16

St. John's Wort Cardigan

Pattern: St. John's Wort Cardigan
by Cathy Carron, Interweave Knits, Spring 2009
Needle : US 2½ / 3.0 mm
Yarn used: Schachenmayr nomotta Catania
6.5 skeins = 890.5 yards (814.3m)
Knitting on the lace pattern was interesting while knitting on the seed stitches was real boring!! Nevertheless, the combination of both patterns resulted with a beautiful FO!!

Great pattern!!


R a i n said...

Very pretty indeed.

Judy said...

Hi Annie! Welcome back! I love your cardigan and the color is beautiful. I see "Paradise" in the your yard!

Anonymous said...

Hey - you've finished yours so maybe you can help me.
I've got the collar done and am working on the body ... but it doesn't make sense that the RS of the collar is the same as the RS of the sleeves/body - if the collar folds over like in the pictures. Did I miss something? Rebecca

bluey said...

It is very nice. It is on my CO list but don't know when i would actually do it :)

Great work!

Annie said...

Thanks ladies for your nice comments!!
Rebecca, Notice before the Neckline, It says Rep row 2-5 ......, then Row 2 once more... may be this is were u missed out. Then from Neckline onwards, the WS of the collar become the RS of the sleeve/body of the cardi. Hope this help!

Patrizia said...

Good work Annie, it is lovely. :)

Lily said...

Nice cardi. Love the colar. You always make a perfect FO.