Sunday, June 29

Kusha Kusha Scarf

Just a quick update: Felted this scarf very lightly last night and love it very much

This is a very simple scarf. It is the stainless steel yarn that gives it a special effect!!! It begins with using 1 strand fine merino wool with 1 strand stainless steel yarn and the latter part using two strands stainless steel yarn. The scarf is very soft & light and nice to wear. Will be getting more of the Habu stainless steel yarns or kits when I'm in Japan!!
Yarns used: Habu Fine Merino Wool A-33 2/48 brown
and Habu Wool Stainless Steel A-148 1/17.6 dark purple

Needle used: 5.0mm, 4mm & 3.5mm

Wednesday, June 25

Princess Capelet

Inspired by Loopy beautiful capelet but didnt have suitable yarn to start untill a “Great buddy” of mine, sent me these beautiful Rowan Cotton Tape yarns. The brooch is a b/d present from my god sister!! A Special thanks to both of you!

Pattern: Princess Capelet by Wenlan Chia

Yarns: 7 balls Rowan Cotton Tape

Needle used: 6mm

As you can see that my capelet colour is almost the same as this one?? haha oh yes, we started almost the same time without knowing each other’s colour for this capelet!!

The construction of this capelet is very interesting. Truly a great pattern, with vy little seamming and easy to follow instructions. I love it very much, the yarns & the brooch too!!

Monday, June 9

Tube Top from Phildar Magazine

This is a very simple project. I knitted the front and back body as according to the pattern given in Phildar Magazine.
Modification made: Instead of making the neck tie from 4 strands of yarn, I modified it as according to the pattern shown in 2007 summer Knit.1 magazine.
Yarns used: 4 balls blue colour Katia Gatsby
and 2 balls white Dalmatia cotton & rayon mixed.
I worked on 1 strand each, using 3mm needle for the neck line and ribbing band and 3.75mm for the body front and back.
This is the front view,

and the back,

Closer view on the front.

Sunday, June 8

Flower Basket Lace Shawl

This Flower Basket Lace Shawl was knitted for a good friend of mine as a birthday present. I am so happy that I was able to finished in time to give away on her birthday, 28th May 2008.

Yarns used: 4 balls Katia Mississippi 3
Needle used: 4mm

Lace Cardigan

Remember my "oversized top"?
It was left in a corner of my cupboard for about 2 months and finally
I decided to do some adjustment and modification and it fits me very well now!
Information of this pattern: combination of The Lace Cardigan from Drop Design and Juliet.

Baby Blanket

Completed !!
Washed and passed over to Sally on Friday late afternoon. Due to family commitment, I will not be able to make it for the meet up & seaming party on 14/6. Sorry ladies, trust you ladies will have a wonderful time! The yarns I have were just enough for the 9 squares.
Yarns used: Baby Soft Double Knitting
8 balls blue and 2 balls white