Monday, June 9

Tube Top from Phildar Magazine

This is a very simple project. I knitted the front and back body as according to the pattern given in Phildar Magazine.
Modification made: Instead of making the neck tie from 4 strands of yarn, I modified it as according to the pattern shown in 2007 summer Knit.1 magazine.
Yarns used: 4 balls blue colour Katia Gatsby
and 2 balls white Dalmatia cotton & rayon mixed.
I worked on 1 strand each, using 3mm needle for the neck line and ribbing band and 3.75mm for the body front and back.
This is the front view,

and the back,

Closer view on the front.


JL said...

Oh my, another piece of well-done FO. Bravo !!

SummerCraftz said...

wow! this is so pretty!~

Doreen said...

Oh Wow, this is pretty and sexy :)

Lily said...

Wah! Smoking hot!

Lois said...

sexy mama~~~