Thursday, September 3

Little Lace Vest

Pattern: Little Lace Vest
Yarn Used: 2 skeins Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool Classic
Knitting needle : 4.5mm

The back of the vest.


Eliana said...

This lovely vest fitted perfectly on you Annie! You make great choices in all their work and I saw that you used a beautiful green hue this time.
Definitely, made me want to do it, too :)

solange said...

Lindo, lindo, Annie.
Essa cor é maravilhosa.

Beautiful, beautiful, Annie.
This color is wonderful.

Annie said...

Eliana, thanks!! This is a quick knit! Yes, you must do! Hope to see your update soon!

Solange, thanks!! This is a nice yarn to work on and I like the colour too!

mona said...

I am in love with this vest!

Judy said...

Love this! Just beautiful!

R a i n said...

This is so lovely! Really is.

Annie said...

Hi Rain, Thanks!!