Monday, June 15

Phildar Kimono Sweater

This pattern is well written in a chart with various sizes. I follow the increase as Eliana. Eliana has been great help to give some advice. Thanks Eliana!!
This sweater was completed about a week ago and it took me a while hunting for the buttons. Finally I managed to get the buttons from May Craft, Subang Jaya.

Pattern: from Phildar Spring/Summer 09 magazine

Blocking.... yarn: Online, Sandy 100% cotton.

needles used: 3.0mm and 3.5 mm


Eliana said...

It's gorgeus Annie! You block the piece and I loved it. You're a really great knitter. And the colour I have one word: stunning!
Very well done! Congrats dear friend :)

Annie said...

Eliana, thanks!! hehe thanks for your help too!! I really really enjoy kniting this sweater and love the way it's designed. yes, i love the colour too!!

solange said...

Annie, está muito lindo seu sweater.

Annie said...

Solange, thank you!

R a i n said...

So pretty again!! How many balls did you use for this?

Annie said...

Rain, thanks! I used 7 1/2 balls of yarns for this sweater.

Annie said...
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Annie said...
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