Friday, August 17

Special Delivery!

This box was specially hand delivered by R&DH from Singapore to KL!
Thank you, gentlemen for making your respective spouses so happy!

It was packed so nicely and neatly by my dear god-sister and taking into consideration that it has to be easy for our men to carry.

A special sticker is pasted on!
Yes, It's Fragile!

Anxiously opening up the box.....
Wow! yarns, yes lovely yarns from KP! Sad news is, not all are mine!

The happy news is, these are some of the special gifts from my god-sister. big "hug" I have only this for myself from KP for this round. Yes, will get more the next time. The cartoons tapes are presents for my girls. They are so beautiful and cute, I like them too!

I am tagged! I am tagged!
I am new in the blog, but now SHE made me a Rockin Girl in the blog! !

I am nominated and tagged by Regg as Rockin' Girl Blogger! What an honour! So this is the surprise you told me this morning ya? Anyway thanks Regg, you are wonderful, generous, unselfish and helpful in many ways to me! Always ready to help, Big "hug".
Here are five of my nominated bloggers:

Rockin girls! Keep blogging!


Regg said...

Dear Sis
Welcome to the blogger world! I love your blog and enjoy reading it very much! u must jia yu ya~! go go go!

bluey said...

All your FOs are very nice.

I enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see more coming up.

R a i n said...

Thanks a million Annie! You're an awesome Rockin' Girl Blogger!

R a i n said...

Oh and what an awesome package...WOW!!

Annie said...

Jol: Thanks Jol, your FOs are beautiful too! Oh ya, i was informed that we gave our bd girl similar item! hahaha great ladies think alike ya. Looking forward to meet you in person soon!

Rain: hahaha u deserved it! Rockin' girl