Friday, April 23

Felted Buttonhole Bag

Pattern: Felted Buttonhole Bag
Yarn used: Wendy Allegra + KP Wool of the Andes Bulky
Needle: 8mm
Size: 18" x 7"
Colour: Pink!!

Inside: Lining with a zipped compartment and few other compartments for hand phone, keys, cosmetics and etc.


Eliana said...

Love your bag!! I can see this gorgeous pink!!!
And you add a lining with same colour, oh! Just perfect, as usual!!!

Marico said...

Wow, lovely bag!


Que bolsa chique! toda forrada, com bolsos, adorei:)
A cor é bárbara e o modelo lindo.


Annie said...

Eliane & Marico, thanks. Bags are nice and quick to knit, but lining part takes me quite some time! :)

Ka, Obrigado. Sim, sim, necessidade de uma grande quantidade de bolsos para colocar coisas todas as nossas senhoras '! :)

R a i n said...

Ooo it's so pretty!

Regina said...

Oi Annie, vc pode encomendar o tear pela Bjsss

pinkyfrogshop said...

cantik nya.

Annie said...

Thanks, Rain & Regina for your visit and nice comment!!
Hi Lina, Your daughter with hat is so cute!! thanks for dropping by my blog You have very creative items in your blog too!! Yeah support Malaysian Handmade product!! Nice knowing you! fyi, my comment cant get thro in your blog, wonder why!