Wednesday, January 7

Lace Ribbon Scarf

This yarn was a Birthday Gift from a dear friend. Lovely yarn, soft and nice to touch. I love the colour combination too!! Truelly appreciate her thoughtfulness. Thanks!!
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Sea Silk
Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf


Michelle said...

ohh!! that's a very pretty scarf!!! i actually tried to attempt knitting that pattern once but gave up :P

R a i n said...

Oh yay, you're back!! Lovely scarf!

Regg said...


Annie said...

Michelle, Thanks!! you must try again!! It's interesting and easy lace pattern. I may knit another one but a stole!

Rain, Thanks! hehe good that I see you here... It reminds me that something I have to do for you!!

Regg, Thanks!! Hope to see you soon!!

Judy said...

Nice scarf! Beautiful yard! Good to see you back in the "knitting way."

Patrizia said...

Hello Annie,
The scarf looks beautiful with that gorgeous yarn!