Saturday, January 24

Entrelac Felted Bag

I used 3 balls of blue and 2 ball olive green wool purchased from Korea. Sorry cant remember the brand!! With the experience of knitting the Entrelac stole and scarf, I thought I should be able to knit an Entrelac bag without the pattern instructions. Thus, taking the courage, using not too expensive wool and started this project!

This is my 1st time felting a project and I used our front loaded washing machine with hot water, I dare not expect much as this is my trial piece, nevertheless, thank God, it came out great!

Just done the lining which my sil taught me and present to you, my 1st Entrelac Felted Bag “Luckiest alike”!!

Top View


Judy said...

Very nice! I haven't yet tried entrelac knitting. Love the colors.

R a i n said...

Really nice!

Judy said...

Hi Annie, how are you? Guess what? You have been nominated for a Kreative Blogger Award.. see my blog for details! :)