Thursday, July 17

Holidays in Japan

Had a wonderful time spent in Japan!! It was birthday gift from hubby, flew in business class, received 1st class services and able to board in with me a 5mm addi circular needle!!! Thus, CO the Chinese Style Pullover on board.

We visited Kyoto, Kobe, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in about 2 weeks. Visited nice places, great sights seeing, met up with a friend whom we didnt meet for about 16 years! Excellence Japanese food, and fantastic shopping!! Especially shopping for yarns!!

These are the goodies I got back from my holidays, but not all are for me!!

The paper bag from Avril Kyoto

They sell this in a kit which including pattern & yarns, but since we have this book, I bought the 3 different yarns as required from the pattern book. i.e Cork Chenille, Mohair Loop and Tsumugi Silk. This was a special request from someone and I've been hunting this kit from Avril Kyoto, Tokyo and finally got the stock in Osaka!! I was so glad that finally i got it for her! hehe cheese cake and cappuccino when we meet ya!!
Kusha Kusha kit

More kusha kusha...
Cotton Gima - blue and light blue

Cotton Gima - green and light green
Silk and wool stainless steel

Pullover kit using Habu Paper A-60

Cardigan kit AR030 using Habu Picot

Habu Tsumugi Silk in 3 colours

Habu Cork Chenille yarn

Habu 100% silk

a Royal swift

Finally, here are some Noro and other Japanese yarns from Japan LYS. Hubby was helping me to vacuum pack the yarns so that can fit into my luggage!!
Before ......
While vacuuming.....

After vacuum packed!!


windloop said...

oh my god!!! you got a lot yarn...I must go Japan..must must..haha.

Petrina said...

Wow that's a lot of gorgeous yarn!!! So jealous!

Now I wish I bought more in England!

Am going to start bugging my family about going to Japan.. hehehe...

Hoep you enjoyed your trip!! :D

Annie said...

CW, must go! must go! Tell hb dont got back UK end of the year!! go Japan!! haha i'm sure you'll enjoy more in Japan!!

Petrina, hehe it's ok that you didnt buy more in England... save the $$ go and buy in Japan!! Cheaper Habu yarns, cheaper Noro and Japanese silk! haha I'm sure your family would love to go too! Especially your sister. Lots of beautiful and gorgeous kimonos!!

bluey said...

The yarns are gorgeous...

I want to go to Japan...

Patrizia said...

Wow you bought a lot of yarn and it's all lovely! I'm glad you had such a lovely time in Japan.

Petrina said...

Hehe I know!! I must make a trip to Japan and buy more yarn!! :)